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Red Bull Music Studio: Das Kapital

Posted on May 27 2011 by Richard the Third

A couple of weeks ago we invited Das Kapital into the Red Bull Studio to flex his musical muscle. His Offering is a Dubstep shuffle of the highest order. A great dose of Bass infused pushes and raw, organic piano lines that tie the over-all sound of “Flight of the Robin” into a perfect, potent [...]

Red Bull Studio Cape Town: Callan Maart

Posted on May 17 2011 by Richard the Third

There is not much you need to know about Callan Maart, other than he is the new kid on the block, or more like block-rocking nu-kid. Specializing in grinding basslines, he has managed to perfect the currently mega popular sound of bro-step and drum-step, the gnarly, electrofied mutation of dubstep sweeping the world’s dancefloors. We [...]

Red Bull Studio Cape Town: i art party

Posted on April 18 2011 by dirtyoldman

The i art sa community mural project, a collaboration between A Word Of Art and Adidas Originals, has, if anything, shifted the focus of Cape Town’s creative scene from the protected frame of the art-fag clique to Woodstock as a whole, a suburb that is incredibly diverse in terms of its social fabric. A mixture [...]

Red Bull Studio CPT: Das Kapital – The Next Shit

Posted on March 28 2011 by Richard the Third

19 year old electronic music producer Das Kapital is the perfect example of the talent being nurtured in the electronic music scene in Cape Town today. He’s been honing his craft for the last 6 years having started in 2005. At the time he fancied himself the future of hip-hop music, and so started making [...]

Under a month until RBMA Application Window Closes

Posted on March 10 2011 by Richard the Third

The Red Bull Music Academy takes place Tokyo from October 23 to November 4, and November 13 to November 25, 2011 and entries close on the 4th April 2011. To get a feel for what to expect at the Red Bull Music Academy, Workshops will be held around South Africa. Intimate, interactive and informative, the [...]

The Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo Applications Open

Posted on February 23 2011 by Richard the Third

South African producers, instrumentalists, vocalists, and DJs are invited to bring their skills to the Red Bull Music Academy, an annual platform for those who shape our musical future. Having circumnavigated the globe, with previous sessions in Barcelona, Cape Town, Toronto, Sao Paulo, London and Melbourne, the Academy will touch down this year in Tokyo between October [...]

Red Bull Studio Sessions 2 Launch

Posted on February 10 2011 by dirtyoldman

After a rocking first instalment, the Red Bull Studio’s vaults have once again been opened to the public with the release of The Red Bull Studio Sessions 02 presented by Richard the Third. 2010 was the year the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town got its swagger. Helping produce the internationally acclaimed debut by Spoek [...]

Red Bull Studio Live at Rocking the Daisies (Part Deux)

Posted on October 29 2010 by Richard the Third

Upon seeing the Red Bull Studio Live tent and stage, and stepping into it, I felt like I had been abducted by aliens. Inside the massive jumping-castle-esque peanut shaped double dome, appropriately dubbed the Peanut, one could already see the throbbing 3000 capacity audience losing their minds to the line-up of some of the best [...]

Red Bull Studio Live at Rocking the Daisies

Posted on October 2 2010 by Richard the Third

The Red Bull Studio Live stage at Rocking the Daisies 2009 swept the festival onto its feet with a electrocuting line-up of DJs and live acts on the razors edge of modern music perfectly complemented by a soundsystem, lighting and VJ rig that raised the bar for electronic music stages country wide. Following in its [...]

Red Bull Studio CPT: Card On Spokes and Caribou

Posted on August 23 2010 by Richard the Third

As a part of the avant-garde future-looking Cape Town Jazz scene, performing in bands such as Closet Snare and Babu, Shane Cooper is that rare and brilliant kind of artist who can match his hip-hop swagger and nerdy electronica with true musicianship. His solo project, Card On Spokes, is in his own words an electronica [...]

Red Bull Studio Live at Oppikoppi

Posted on August 5 2010 by Richard the Third

Riding on the shock wave success of the Red Bull Studio Live stage at Cape Town’s Rocking the Daisies last year, this year the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town is hosting the Sipho Gumede stage at Oppikoppi’s Sexy. Crooked. Teeth festival from the 6-8 August and will be proudly showing off some of the [...]

Red Bull Music Studio: Spoek Mathambo – Don’t Be Scared

Posted on July 28 2010 by dirtyoldman

Part of a new breed of African artists, 24 year old Spoek Mathambo (Rapper/DJ and Graphic Designer/Illustrator) is hitting the world hard with his take on Afro-futurism. Spoek sees himself as a part of a new wave of energy in Africa, which is intent on nurturing a sense of progressiveness while maintaining a pride in [...]

Red Bull Music Academy: Various Assets 2010 Album

Posted on July 22 2010 by Richard the Third

Various Assets 2010 Music Created At The Red Bull Music Academy in London It’s one thing to bond with someone who uses the same software. But it’s another to share a studio with a drummer who builds instruments out of tin cans, an analog funk apostle let loose on digital synths for the first time, [...]

Red Bull Studios Cape Town: 7ft Soundsystem

Posted on June 30 2010 by Richard the Third

On the up and coming are 7ft Soundsystem, a digital-dub music duo with an insatiable passion for Jamaican roots music channeled through the sound-channels of software synths, beats and effects. The end result is liquid electronic reggae, perfect for club-soundsystems and iPod headphones alike. Their debut album which came out toward the end of last [...]