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Card On Spokes – Disguises (Official Music Video)

Posted on September 17 2012 by dirtyoldman

Disguises is sex, with it’s deep, grinding bass and smooth melody. The video treatment is like ‘Sabotage‘ meets ‘Kung-Pow‘ and was done by Ari Kruger at Sketchbook Studios. Mixed and mastered by Sibot at Say Thank You, it is a taste of the new material Card On Spokes is putting out. A touch of skweee, [...]

Dank – Camouflange EP + Bathsalts ft. Non

Posted on September 3 2012 by dirtyoldman

  Dank has just released his brand new EP entitled Camouflange on Skanky Panky records and is available exclusively through Beatport. With 6 tracks that feature the likes of Non (from Shadowhuntaz), Disco Izrael, Cerebral Vortex and Debbie Korck on vocals, and big drums, phat bass and biting leads the EP remains true to the [...]

Music Video: The Frown – Dark Art

Posted on July 16 2012 by dirtyoldman

The video treatment for Dark Art by  The Frown comes courtesty of Colin O’Mara Davis, in the form of a mini-film entitled ‘The Bride of Zion’. Full of shape, colour and visual distortion, the video looks like a the inside of a twisted kaleidoscope. Technorati Tags: The Frown, Dark Art, Music Video, The Bride of [...]

Sedge Warbler – Codeine (Music Video & Download)

Posted on June 28 2012 by dirtyoldman

Sedge Warbler is back with new video for their track Codeine. Shot at OppiKoppi 2011 by STZFX it follows an inebriated Disco as he tries to find his way on stage. The track is classic Sedge Warble, with a punchy bass laying the foundation for the numerous glitches and squeaks and Disco’s hard hitting verses. [...]

Petite Noir “Disappear” (Official Music Video)

Posted on June 21 2012 by dirtyoldman

Petite Noir’s new single Disappear get’s the video treatment courtesy of Travys Owen. Mapped overlays transform a video of IamWaves singing to the camera, into a visual feast of colour and shape. Technorati Tags: Petite Noir, Disappear, Music Video

Music Video: PHFat – Kill The Universe

Posted on May 31 2012 by dirtyoldman

  Kill The Universe is the second track off of PHFat’s free EP You Are Going To Die. An IfNot WhyNot media production, the video treatment echoes the dark sense of humor of PHFat, it feels like a B-Horror flick with rap interludes. Remember, you can download the EP for free over at Technorati [...]

The Frown – Metallic Kiss

Posted on May 15 2012 by Rick Disco

The new music video/hipster snuff film from The Frown! Filmed by Justin McGee, Styled by Asseblief Vintage and Designed, Animated and Edited by Cool Your Jets. Let us know what you think! ^5!

Music Video: Petite Noir – Till We Ghosts

Posted on May 11 2012 by dirtyoldman

Petite Noir is the solo project of Popskarr lead singer Iamwaves and as the name implies, is a little dark. His vocals are tinged with melancholy reminiscent of Joy Divisions’ Ian Curtis. The video treatment reflects the akwardly honest nature of Till We Ghosts subtle beauty. Check out the video below and let us know [...]

MR SAKITUMI & THE GRRRL release the Music Video for JUNGLE JIMMY

Posted on April 19 2012 by Rick Disco

MR SAKITUMI & THE GRRRL have just launched their music video for JUNGLE JIMMY. Jungle Jimmy is the first music video for Mr Sakitumi’s debut album, Secret Asian Man, released in 2011. The video was conceptualized, shot, directed and edited by The Grrrl, in collaboration with the Hodgen family. All the characters took around three [...]

Music Video: MtKidu – SkeletonKey

Posted on March 23 2012 by dirtyoldman

It must have been 2004 or 2005 when I first saw MtKidu play live. It was at the monthly Secret Party held at Horror Cafe and the duo were tearing the basement appart. To my uninformed mind it was just two really strange people, one hyper as a six 6 year old the other quiet [...]

Music Video: Gazelle – Options (Botaniks remix)

Posted on January 30 2012 by dirtyoldman

Technorati Tags: Gazelle, Options, Botaniks Remix, Music Video

New Artist: Oxblood

Posted on December 22 2011 by dirtyoldman

Oxblood is Cape Town producer Robin Brink. He as put together a mix of his unreleased demo tracks as well as produced a slick, projection based video for his track Subequator Loop, which showcases his work with the Lightworks collective. Glitch and breaks, as well as playful melodies are the foundation on which this music [...]

Music Video: Ruffest – Siyabenzela

Posted on December 14 2011 by dirtyoldman

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Music Video: ❚W❙IT❚C❙H❘B❚O❙Y❘ – █H❥eAR✝BR⚡EAK▘▘▘a

Posted on November 29 2011 by dirtyoldman

Technorati Tags: ❚W❙IT❚C❙H❘B❚O❙Y❘, █H❥eAR✝BR⚡EAK▘▘▘a, Music Video