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New Artist: Little Light Blue

Posted on July 13 2011 by Rick Disco

Little Light Blue is the latest project from Capetonian Jaco Loots (Oceans & Cities). He has already released a full length album entitled “What We All Use To Imagine”, released on 28 June as a digital download. Jaco classifies Little Light Blue as electronic, rock pop, acoustic, experimental which kind of sounds like a bit [...]

Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans

Posted on May 16 2009 by Rick Disco

A kind man from Muzikology B.V. sent me this awesome pre-release. Dutch producer Don Diablo teams up with UK rapper Example for this one, set to be released soon (on 29 June 2009 I believe)! Here’s what the press release had to say: Don Diablo and Example team up for their joint effort “Hooligans”, which [...]

T.I.T.E.S. 02 Preview!

Posted on February 22 2009 by Rick Disco

If you are in Cape Town this coming weekend, you are in luck! T.I.T.E.S. is happening at The Assembly on Friday 27 February… Featuring a killer electro line-up its a party not to be missed! Read more about the event here! Grab a free track below to get you in the mood!

Richard The Third – Third World From the Sun

Posted on November 27 2008 by dirtyoldman

Long time electrotrash friend Richard the Third has just finished working on his upcoming album Third World From the Sun. The good news is that you will be able to get most of it via MTN Xploaded (not live yet) and you can listen to some of the tracks on his Facebook page. However, as [...]

A little bit about Hipless Couples!

Posted on October 20 2008 by Rick Disco

Hipless Couples (Nabbed off the Daydream Nation Facebook group) I have been really slow in getting this post up! A while ago Len Cockraft aka Hipless Couples dropped a track in my inbox. The track is called “Just FFFuck” and it’s a pretty hard hitting, banging electro track. Len used to be the drummer for [...]

Enjoy Doing Lapse?

Posted on September 8 2008 by Rick Disco

So we have a new character up on the site for you to get to know! DJ Lapse, from Cape Town makes music for you to dance to. He is also too shy to write about himself. So head on down to our Artist section and read what his buddy said about him… HERE! And [...]

DJ Lapse

Posted on September 8 2008 by Rick Disco

Website: Kind words by VEREVÜLFF “With Lapses’ roots firmly planted in hip-hop and soul, and as with many fans they fond hip-hop stagnated and bored the crap out of many of it’s dj’s/producers. Forcing them at gun point to explore other genre’s, which we can only thank them for… because now Lapse makes dance [...]

Jacob Israel

Posted on August 18 2008 by Rick Disco

Members: Jacob Israel Website: Email: Jacob Israel, a self-taught electronic musician from Pretoria, has been producing music since 2000. So far, he has released two albums, “My Paper Nautilus”(2005) and “Birthright”(2008) and he’s currently working on a second release for this year. He has collaborated with SAMA award winners, Lark, to produce a [...]

Oceans & Cities Artist Page

Posted on June 8 2008 by Rick Disco

So a big welcome to Oceans & Cities as our latest featured artist! You can check out the artist page here, read a great interview with Oceans & Cities here, and get some free downloads of his music here! Oceans & Cities is great music to sit back and relax to and we are looking [...]

Oceans & Cities

Posted on June 8 2008 by Rick Disco

Website: After years of searching, unplanned plans emerged. Being tired of hearing the same songs with the same formulas, music with more politics and trends than notes in their music, all of this couldn’t possible be within the majority of music in our country. There could be no salvation in a business like that. [...]

Download Redflecks The Shiny Part

Posted on May 25 2008 by Rick Disco

Those of you that managed to see Redflecks when they toured South Africa will know how fun these folks are! If you didn’t manage to buy their EP “The Shiny Part” at the shows, now is your chance to buy the tracks digitally at R7 a piece from Rhythm Records (so thats R42 for the [...]

Bride Reunion

Posted on April 16 2008 by Rick Disco

Website: Email: Louise Eksteen has worked on numerous production-based projects since her early teens. These endeavours include work alongside the electronic group Strange, dance-label Afroboogie, producer Simon Fine and AKA Lightsleeper (with whom she made her live debut at the Flux festival in 2003). She was also involved with Dark Templar, an electro-Goth [...]

Jacob Israel – Birthright

Posted on February 21 2008 by Rick Disco

Jacob Israel finally released his much awaited follow up to “My Paper Nautilus“ last week. It is entitled “Birthright” and is available for free download! Jacob classifies the album as “Hard. Electronic. Experimental.” on his Facebook page and I would have to say it covers all three for sure! It is a great album showing [...]

Chilled Alaskan DJ

Posted on February 21 2008 by Rick Disco

Members: David van Rensburg Website: Email: Biography: Chilled Alaskan DJ is David van Rensburg from Cape Town, South Africa. Originally the guitarist for noise-punks ,ObNoXsHiS, he turned to releasing his own tracks as a solo producer.The music is a continually evolving mix of techno, experimental, punk-hop freeform electronica. There are two albums available [...]