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Red Bull Music Academy, New York, 2012

Posted on March 7 2012 by Rick Disco

Just over 3 weeks to apply for the Red Bull Music Academy 2012, hosted in the city that never sleeps; New York. There is just over 3 Weeks until the end of the Application Phase of this year’s Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) in New York and we need you to spread the word. Having [...]

The Goematronics Remix Competition

Posted on July 14 2011 by Rick Disco

Thanks to a reference to this remix competition on the MIO website, I went and did a bit more reading about this pretty exciting remix competition that opened up at the beginning of the month. Creative Cape Town have partnered with BPM magazine, Mutha FM and Paul Bothner Music to bring this fantastic competition to [...]

Red Bull Studios Cape Town: 7ft Soundsystem

Posted on June 30 2010 by Richard the Third

On the up and coming are 7ft Soundsystem, a digital-dub music duo with an insatiable passion for Jamaican roots music channeled through the sound-channels of software synths, beats and effects. The end result is liquid electronic reggae, perfect for club-soundsystems and iPod headphones alike. Their debut album which came out toward the end of last [...]

Red Bull Studios Cape Town: Enough Weapons

Posted on May 31 2010 by Richard the Third

Enough Weapons are a production and DJing duo comprised of Dave Love and Hiyarant who make knock-your-block-off nu-skool breakbeat. When not busting the beats these two are very active members of Cape Town’s ever lucrative and popular psytrance scene, making music that really does make more sense when combined with hallucinogens and throwing those massive [...]

Red Bull Studios Cape Town: Toxic Avenger and Djedjotronic

Posted on February 6 2010 by Richard the Third

After a long hiatus the Red Bull Music Studio column on Electrotrash is back. To kick things off for the new year we present a video made for the workshop conducted with french electro-rocker Toxic Avenger when he came out last year to play at Assembly and the Alex. Toxic’s link to SA comes from [...]

Red Bull Studios Cape Town, Electric Roundup: Zim Dollar Bill

Posted on November 20 2009 by Richard the Third

With Mujava taking the dance world by storm last year, there is a peeked interest in local SA dance-floor electronica. Lots of things are happening for local electro producers. In fact you should read this piece already written by Ol Dirty Man, about Gazelle’s Bloody Beetroot collab and a general encouraging message for local musical [...]

Red Bull Studios Cape Town, Electric Roundup: Voicetag

Posted on November 5 2009 by Richard the Third

Although there are a considerable amount of Electronica music makers of distinction around South Africa, particularly in Pretoria and Joburg, for a long time Cape Town was considered the hub of it all. Reason being it was the hometown of African Dope Records and the wave of glitchy, beautiful and, in some cases, hip-hop influenced [...]

Red Bull Studios Cape Town, Electric Roundup: Introduction

Posted on October 24 2009 by Richard the Third

Hey Electrotrash heads. Some time back you may have read a blog post about the Red Bull Music Studios down in Cape Town. Following on from that I’d like to introduce a regular Electrotrash post to do with the RB studios. As many people would agree, Cape Town is a hub of mad electronica, being [...]

The Red Bull Music Studios Cape Town

Posted on June 12 2009 by Rick Disco

Since its inception almost a year ago, the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town has been quietly rocking away to the sounds of some of South Africa’s meanest musical might. Kicking things off with a Class Of Its Own in April last year, the Red Bull Music Academy alumni project that saw the likes of [...]

Red Bull Music Academy London 2010!

Posted on May 28 2009 by Rick Disco

Our long time friend, Richard The Third, kindly sent us all the info you need in order to apply to the academy or simply get a bit more info as to what it’s about. Keep reading to find out more… It’s that time of the year again; time to get your thinking caps, because the [...]