Red Bull Studios Cape Town: Toxic Avenger and Djedjotronic

Posted on February 6 2010

After a long hiatus the Red Bull Music Studio column on Electrotrash is back. To kick things off for the new year we present a video made for the workshop conducted with french electro-rocker Toxic Avenger when he came out last year to play at Assembly and the Alex. Toxic’s link to SA comes from his remix of Playdoe and you’ll see that Sibot and Spoek are quite prominent in this video.

On that note we head over to Red Bull Music Academy Radio to take a look at another french maître de la musique électronique, Djedjotronic who incidentally has also worked with Spoek Mathambo. This mix recorded live at the Pantiero festival in Cannes is a strong signifier of the current sound of banging electro: a mad tapestry of rave, distortion, afro-rhythms and the hype energy you expect when you listen to someone off Boys Noize records.

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