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Johnny Neon – Teenage Sunset

Posted on November 1 2012 by dirtyoldman

Johnny Neon is heading to Germany to spread his brand of death electropop in Europe. As a parting gift he sent us his latest offering entitled Teenage Sunset. Typically Johnny, it features an arped bass, sliding synths and drum programming straight out of the 80s. Grab it below and drive into the Sunset! Download: Technorati [...]

Gay Thing – Skinny Dippin’ Angel Pussy & Ya Moan

Posted on October 31 2012 by dirtyoldman

Gay Thing and their brand of high energy electropop with camp lyrics, are pushing out material at a intense pace. Since the last time we featured them, they’ve dropped three new tracks for your downloading and listening pleasure. Now that summer’s here, there’s no excuse to get silly in very little clothing, so slap the [...]

Alan Kruger – Old Crock (Music Video)

Posted on October 30 2012 by dirtyoldman

Johannesburg born Alan Kruger started his career in 1999 as a rap producer with electro influences. These days he producers quality techno with a Berlin feel and spends his time playing throughout Europe. Old Crock has a groove reminiscent of Paul Kalkbrenner, complete with  horns. Check out the video below or listen to it on [...]


Posted on October 30 2012 by dirtyoldman

SLABOFMISUSE is a Cape Town producer of downtempo Glitch/Hip Hop. Having previously released the fifth installment of Denver based, Cold Busted’s Street bangerz, his self-titled EP is available as a free download below. Slow and sexy, this is music for the laid back days. Download: Technorati Tags: SLABOFMISUES, EP, Glitch, Hip Hop, Electronica, South Afria


Posted on October 3 2012 by dirtyoldman

Rocking the Daisies is proud to announce that 49M have acquired naming rights for SA’s greenest annual concert Rocking The Daisies. The festival will now be known as the 49M Rocking The Daisies. The 7th edition of 49M Rocking the Daisies is nearly upon us. Each year there are changes, new additions and farewells, but [...]

Markus Wormstorm’s Biblo: Library music that doesn’t suck

Posted on September 21 2012 by dirtyoldman

The latest project from the legendary Cape Town producer, Markus Wormstorm, is not another album, but rather an incursion into the stale arena of Library music. Biblo is a platform where high quality tracks meet an easy to use interface, making it simple for clients to find music that fits their requirements, while still being [...]

Gateway Drugs – Airwaves (Official Music Video)

Posted on September 20 2012 by dirtyoldman

The catchy first single of Cape Town based, electro-pop duo Gateway Drugs gets the video treatment courtesy of Xander van der Westhuizen, who nails the nostalgia created by the track. Washed-out colours and double exposure, performance behind the wheel of a car, standing in a smoke-filled room jamming synths: 80s. Technorati Tags: Gateway Drugs, Airwaves, [...]

Gay Thing – Let’s Do It

Posted on September 20 2012 by dirtyoldman

Let’s Do It is the latest release by Gay Thing. Meant as a final teaser for last weeks Grietfest, we’re putting it up now, ’cause I was on holiday. Raunchy and slightly darker than their previous tracks, it nevertheless maintains that Gay Thing we’ve grown to love, complete with distorted synths, harmonic lead guitar and [...]

Exclusive!: Sébastien Tellier – Russian Attractions (Battle Beyond the Stars Remix)

Posted on September 19 2012 by dirtyoldman

Battle Beyond the Stars’ entry into the Sébastien Tellier remix contest is a tribute to that classic French Touch Tellier helped pioneer, complete with draw-out pads and walking bassline. We’ve managed to get our grubby paws on it and are offering it up for download. That’s right, free and without guilt! Download: Technorati Tags: Sébastien [...]

Dank – Moon Rocks

Posted on September 18 2012 by dirtyoldman

Dank is back with another slab of space thuggery. “Moon Rocks” is bursting with huge jilted kick drums and earth shattering bass sounds. “Moon Rocks” delivers more of the cosmic soundscapes Dank created with his recent “Camouflange EP”. I never understood why people referred to MDMA as Moon Rocks, it’s not like it affects your [...]

Card On Spokes – Disguises (Official Music Video)

Posted on September 17 2012 by dirtyoldman

Disguises is sex, with it’s deep, grinding bass and smooth melody. The video treatment is like ‘Sabotage‘ meets ‘Kung-Pow‘ and was done by Ari Kruger at Sketchbook Studios. Mixed and mastered by Sibot at Say Thank You, it is a taste of the new material Card On Spokes is putting out. A touch of skweee, [...]

Richard the Third – Moon In The Blue

Posted on September 6 2012 by dirtyoldman

It was a blue moon last Friday, “the astrological event that is the source of that old cliche.” You can buy the new Richard the Third album, Left of Center, via African Dope and Beatport. Download: Technorati Tags: Richard the Third, Moon in Blue, South Africa, Electronica

Dank – Camouflange EP + Bathsalts ft. Non

Posted on September 3 2012 by dirtyoldman

  Dank has just released his brand new EP entitled Camouflange on Skanky Panky records and is available exclusively through Beatport. With 6 tracks that feature the likes of Non (from Shadowhuntaz), Disco Izrael, Cerebral Vortex and Debbie Korck on vocals, and big drums, phat bass and biting leads the EP remains true to the [...]

6 Months of Downloads!

Posted on August 31 2012 by dirtyoldman

Half the year is gone and while we started off the year slowly, we’re working hard at bringing you the latest releases of South African electronic music. Check the list below to see if you’ve missed any of the downloads we’ve added over the last few months. Enjoy! Technorati Tags: South Africa, Electronic Music, Electro, [...]