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Red Bull Studio Live at Oppikoppi

Posted on August 5 2010 by Richard the Third

Riding on the shock wave success of the Red Bull Studio Live stage at Cape Town’s Rocking the Daisies last year, this year the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town is hosting the Sipho Gumede stage at Oppikoppi’s Sexy. Crooked. Teeth festival from the 6-8 August and will be proudly showing off some of the [...]

Biscope Bumper Edition!

Posted on May 6 2010 by Rick Disco

The Rumney brothers are ALWAYS super busy making so super awesome beats… I stalled on posting a new bootleg of theirs earlier this week and by today there is a whole lot more! You ready? First up… the bootleg… A slow burning dubstep mashup of Nirvana’s “Something in the Way“. It’s probably the first nirvana [...]

Biscope give the boot to Sub Focus

Posted on February 3 2010 by dirtyoldman

The boys of Biscope add their own special touch to the track ‘Rockit’ by Sub Focus. In their own words it is a proper distorted wobble remix of arguably the biggest D&B tune of 2009. Grab the bass-heavy, bitchin’, boot below! Technorati Tags: Biscope, Sub Focus, Rockit, Boot

New Artist: The Sound (can you hear it?) + Biscope boot

Posted on December 21 2009 by dirtyoldman

The Sound (artist page) is a remixer, producer and DJ from Cape Town who has been remixed the likes of kidofdoom and Haezer and worked along side other 021 artists, such as CoDeC. With a possible EP to be released in 2010 and more remixes to follow The Sound is definitely one to watch. Access [...]

Biscope remix Tonight!

Posted on November 14 2009 by dirtyoldman

So the first remix of Tonight by Popskarr that I’ve come across is this awesome dubstep remake courtesy of the Rumney Bros. aka Biscope. The first 2:16 of the track lull you into a false sense of calmness that is completely destroyed as soon as that dirty bassline comes in (is that a Virus?). If [...]

Red Bull Studio meets Biscope, mayhem ensues…!

Posted on August 25 2009 by dirtyoldman

Our favourite urban dubsteppin, beats producing brotherly duo the Rumney brothers aka Biscope took advantage of some sick gear and the happy coincidence of both being down south to lay down 2 brand new tracks at the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town. As always Biscope bring us some bass heavy dubstep along with nod [...]

NEW TRACK: Biscope – Raging Fya

Posted on June 25 2009 by Rick Disco

Got a new track in from the brothers Rumney… Biscope seems to be growing from strength to strength. This new one is called “Raging Fire”… in Richards own words, this is what it’s about: “Cut up funk-soul samples, head-banging hard-as-nails basslines and video game samples sent from the 80’s through a nightmarish time-warp machine.” Let [...]

New Biscope Track! (sort of)

Posted on May 14 2009 by dirtyoldman

I’m going to have to speak to Richard the Third because i’m a little confused. Do you pronounce the ‘Bi’ in Biscope like the ‘Bi’ in Biscuit or the ‘Bi’ in Bisexual? Erm… ya. So anyway, this track was unleashed towards the end of April and we’ve been meaning to put it up, but if [...]

Richard The Third and his Biscope

Posted on March 8 2009 by Rick Disco

We mentioned Richard The Third‘s latest music endeavour a short while ago (here) and now we have more from this project called “Biscope”. Biscope is made up of Richard and his brother who goes by the name of Twelv and they describe the music as “Dub Stepping Urban Beats and Pieces”. Personally I love it… [...]

Richard The Third Takes You To The Biscope!

Posted on January 26 2009 by Rick Disco

Richard The Third is a really busy dude when it comes to making awesome music. He dropped me a mail with the details of a mix he did for a project of his under the name of “Biscope”! So now we have even more proof that Cape Town is definitely taking the lead when it [...]