Richard The Third Takes You To The Biscope!

Posted on January 26 2009

Step Up!

Richard The Third is a really busy dude when it comes to making awesome music. He dropped me a mail with the details of a mix he did for a project of his under the name of “Biscope”! So now we have even more proof that Cape Town is definitely taking the lead when it comes to dubstep in South Africa!

Fiction, on Long Street, Cape Town, hosts a monthly dubstep party called “Step Up!” and you are sure to catch Richard The Third dropping some great tunes in some shape or form. The Step Up! parties have a Facebook group, so why not join it and stay in the loop? Link to the group here!

Grab a link to Richard’s “Biscope – Step Forward” mix as well as tracklisting after the jump!

To download this mix click here!

  1. Max Romeo – One step forward (1 step, 2 step edit)
  2. Biscope – Soldier Survivor, Interpolated with: Nas – Made You Look (Acappella edit)
  3. Biscope – Step Up
  4. Ini Kamoze – Here comes the hotstepper (Ch-ch-chang-chang remix)
    (Contains a sample from: Damian Marley – Welcome to Jamrock)
  5. Biscope – Howling at the moon
  6. Mr. Oizo – Flatbeat (Flatstep edit)
  7. DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (Super Sharp Stepper remix)
    (Contains a sample from: M.I.A. – Paper Planes)
  8. Biscope – Heart of Darkness
    (Contains a sample from: Horace Andy – See a man’s face)
  9. Biscope – Machine Gun
  10. Moleke Mbembe – War on Words

Just a note: This is not a live mix, it is a made at home version of the live mix he played at Fiction for one of the Step Up! parties.

The last track of the mix “Moleke Mbembe – War on Words” is yet another project that Richard has started, this time it is with Spoek Mthambo… so stay tuned for more!

Thanks Richard for dropping this off in my inbox!


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