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A-trak & Dillon Francis – Money Making #5GumExperience Remixes

Posted on October 25 2012 by dirtyoldman

With the #5GumExperience around the corner and the remix competition closed, we thought it would be nice to share the remixes with you and highlight those crafted by the electrotrash family. Technorati Tags: Rebel Clef, Sibot, Women Who Kill, Mr Sakitumi, A-trak, Dillon Francis, Money Making, Remix

Dance, You’re On Fire – Carry You (The Watermark High Remix)

Posted on October 24 2012 by dirtyoldman

Dance, You’re On Fire get the remix treatment courtesty of The Watermark High. Technorati Tags: Dance, You’re On Fire, Carry You, The Watermark High, Remix

Gateway Drugs – Airwaves (DANK REFUCK)

Posted on July 27 2012 by dirtyoldman

Dank turns the sex up to 11 on his remix of the new Gateway Drugs track Airwaves.Giving it that 90s RnB feel, complete with claps and a porno-synth.  Dank will be releasing his new EP coming out in just over a month, so in the mean time grab the remix below and put it on [...]

Bateleur – Divorce (Christian Tiger School RMX)

Posted on July 21 2012 by dirtyoldman

A clerical error saw us dropping this smooth-as-fuck Christian Tiger School remix of Bateleur‘s Divorce on saturday. Whoops! Coming off the new Cargo Cults EP which includes remixes by O’ltak, Oxblood, Christian Tiger School, Rub Rubb Rubbb (Nic) and Fun Toy, the remix is classic CTS, complete with sexy snare hits and a bassline like [...]

Martina Topley Bird – I Only Have Eyes For You (Rebel Clef Remix)

Posted on July 17 2012 by dirtyoldman

Rebel Clef has just dropped off this gem of a remix. There isn’t much I can say, except listen to it. Perfect for the cold weather we’ve been having. Flamingos Original, Martina Topley Bird Cover, Rebel Clef Remix. All instruments reprogrammed and performed by Rebel Clef. Download: Technorati Tags: Martina Topley Bird, The Flamingos, I [...]

Petite Noir and Card on Spokes remixes of Metallic Kiss by The Frown

Posted on June 21 2012 by dirtyoldman

We have two more remixes of The Frown’s new single Metallic Kiss to share with you. Card on Spokes adds analog warmth to the mix ,with little squelches and bleeps popping up now and then and a little synth solo that pulls it all together. The drum programming gives the track a feeling of urgency [...]

Desmond & the Tutus – Tattoo (Richard the Third Remix)

Posted on June 20 2012 by dirtyoldman

Pretoria Indie-Rockers, Desmond & the Tutus get the dubstep treatment courtesty of Richard the Third. Retaining little but the coarse, broken vocals of the original and adding a whole lot of bass, the remix is a midtempo grinder. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. Technorati Tags: Desmond & the Tutus, [...]

Clash of The Frowns: Women Who Kill, JakobSnake & Big Space remix Metallic Kiss

Posted on June 11 2012 by dirtyoldman

A clash of The Frowns. Both mixes hot as fuck with their own swag. While the one sounds a little more sorded than evil the other strikes back with the hard thrash to make your ears bleed. Women who kill takes a darker tone and leaves an eerie kind of bone chilling guilty pleasure sensation [...]

The Frown – Metallic Kiss (Audiophile 021 Remix)

Posted on June 4 2012 by dirtyoldman

The Frown’s now single, Metallic Kiss, gets the remix treatment courtesty of Audiophile 021, who takes it all the way back down to 110 bpm, delivering a remix that is reminiscent of 90s glitch. The bassline has a bit of funk to it, which contrasts nicely with the soft, whispy vocals. Now if someone can [...]

Mr Bong – Bongs Produk (Audiophile 021 Stripped Remix)

Posted on May 3 2012 by dirtyoldman

The end of May sees the release of Bongs Produk, the new single from Mr Bong. It features Koldprodukt and remixes by Dr Moody, Mini Da Minx vs Wreckage and Audiophile 021. Featuring a bassline that is reminiscent of Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols meets dub(step), the Audiophile 021 remix has the [...]

M83 – Midnight City (remixé par Who Killed JR)

Posted on December 9 2011 by dirtyoldman

With his latest remix, Who Killed JR takes the moody, dreamy Midnight City by M83 out of its after hours club feel and injects some 2am energy. With the piano intro, he adds an accoustic touch. Jacking the bass and drums up a notch, and gating the main synth gives the track that WKJR feel [...]

The Frown – The National (The Remixes)

Posted on November 22 2011 by dirtyoldman

Today we are bringing you six remixes of The National by The Frown. It’s hard to pick a favourite. The remixes are a showcase of the talent that South Africa has to offer, while also reflecting the varied styles that are popular today. From the lo-fi and ambient, to the bass heavy and dancefloor oriented, [...]

Spoek Mathambo – Control (Richard the Third Rage Mix)

Posted on November 10 2011 by dirtyoldman

Control is one of my favourite tracks off of Spoek Mathambo’s album Mshini Wam. The bass is deep, as are the vocals, which gives it a feeling of good 90s deep house. The drums programming on the other hand is very afro-tech and the contrast really works. Richard the Third takes full advantage of this [...]

The Wild Eyes – Vampire Radio Remixes

Posted on August 24 2011 by dirtyoldman

Round two of  the Vampire Radio Remixes features Das Kapital and Battle Beyond The Stars. Das Kapital drops some radical rhythms, with an equally bouncy bassline to keep that groove going. Think coke-fuelled carribean conga’s and you’re on the right track. Grab the download below. Battle Beyond the Stars disturbs the original through dissonance. With [...]