Clash of The Frowns: Women Who Kill, JakobSnake & Big Space remix Metallic Kiss

Posted on June 11 2012

A clash of The Frowns. Both mixes hot as fuck with their own swag.
While the one sounds a little more sorded than evil the other strikes
back with the hard thrash to make your ears bleed.

Women who kill takes a darker tone and leaves an eerie kind of bone
chilling guilty pleasure sensation running through your loins
reminding that fornication is indeed a sin. That buss bump is the
kinda boot knocking to make your neighbors complain, bump bump bump on
the hump hump hump hump followed by the aural release of pleasure.
Unless you’ve got hands over each other’s mouths don’t try keep the
noise down! This is fuck music!

Jakbosnake comes at you straight to make your mind bug. From one side
of the ear phones to the other he makes your head spin looking around
while Lucifer’s bassline snakes around and rears it’s head in front of
you. The beat keeps you in a trance and reminds you that if there was
to be a heaven versus hell party, no one except harp playing, Mozart
loving, snow flake motherfuckers would be trying to get down to Stevie
Wonders ebony and ivory upstairs. HELL IS WHERE THE PARTY IS AT! Clash
of the Frowns what side you standing on?

The Frown - Metallic Kiss (Women who kill remix)

The Frown - Metallic Kiss (Jakobsnake Remix)

Finally, Big Space has dropped not one, but two great remixes. Check ‘em out below:

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