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Richard the Third – Moon In The Blue

Posted on September 6 2012 by dirtyoldman

It was a blue moon last Friday, “the astrological event that is the source of that old cliche.” You can buy the new Richard the Third album, Left of Center, via African Dope and Beatport. Download: Technorati Tags: Richard the Third, Moon in Blue, South Africa, Electronica

Review: Richard The Third – Left Of Center

Posted on August 28 2012 by Little Rock

Afro-Dust Press ► I find myself traveling on a gravel road, bouncing up and down on the synthetic leopard-fur-covered seat. This neon taxi traveling through the unknown lines of a town-ship tale. Surrounded by the scenery of the ever so catchy kwaito beast chasing the sexiness of my seat. Head pop, hip swirl, this bounce [...]

Sweat.X – Interstella + I’m That Alley + Spoek Mathambo – Germs (H.I.V.I.P.)

Posted on August 22 2012 by dirtyoldman

So Spoek Mathambo has been going through some of his old tracks and put a few up on Soundcloud for free. Not only is it a nice nostalgia trip, but it also highlights work by two of the countries best producers. His collaboration with Markus Wormstorm resulted in the game-changing Sweat.X, while Richard the Third [...]

Desmond & the Tutus – Tattoo (Richard the Third Remix)

Posted on June 20 2012 by dirtyoldman

Pretoria Indie-Rockers, Desmond & the Tutus get the dubstep treatment courtesty of Richard the Third. Retaining little but the coarse, broken vocals of the original and adding a whole lot of bass, the remix is a midtempo grinder. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. Technorati Tags: Desmond & the Tutus, [...]

Free Tickets: 2x Double tickets to Discotheque x South African Bass Culture

Posted on June 14 2012 by dirtyoldman

We have 2 sets of double tickets to give away for South African Bass Culture, this Friday at the Assembly. Started by producer and Cold Turkey co-founder, Rebel Clef, these parties aim to showcase our local production skills on the dancefloor. To enter all you have to do is send an email to with [...]

Richard The Third feat. Rebone – Boss out now!

Posted on December 6 2011 by dirtyoldman

Released today, Boss is the latest single from Richard The Third. We really loved the track when he first released the teaser. In his words the single is: “mix up the sounds of Purple Funk with local Kwaito Flava, collaborating with Alexandra Township emcee and singer, Rebone. The track “Boss” is straight up dancefloor bizniss [...]

The Frown – The National (The Remixes)

Posted on November 22 2011 by dirtyoldman

Today we are bringing you six remixes of The National by The Frown. It’s hard to pick a favourite. The remixes are a showcase of the talent that South Africa has to offer, while also reflecting the varied styles that are popular today. From the lo-fi and ambient, to the bass heavy and dancefloor oriented, [...]

Spoek Mathambo – Control (Richard the Third Rage Mix)

Posted on November 10 2011 by dirtyoldman

Control is one of my favourite tracks off of Spoek Mathambo’s album Mshini Wam. The bass is deep, as are the vocals, which gives it a feeling of good 90s deep house. The drums programming on the other hand is very afro-tech and the contrast really works. Richard the Third takes full advantage of this [...]

TKZee – Izinja Zam (Richard the Third Boot) & Richard the Third – Boss feat. Ribone

Posted on July 12 2011 by dirtyoldman

Richard the Third just sent through his latest production, a bootleg remix of the kwaito track Izinja Zam, by veterans of the genre, TKZee. Adding a great deal of wobble to the bass, this tune is large! Kwaito-Wobble is going to be the next big thing with this remix leading the way. Boss features the vocal [...]

Video Treatment: Voicetag & Richard the Third – “Limerence”

Posted on June 1 2011 by dirtyoldman

Dear Ralph, Your four love letters arrived today. My landlady said a heavily sweating man stuffed them in the mailbox and lurched off like a wounded kiwi, so I assume you delivered them yourself. A million thanks, really. All the letters make fine reading, but I was particularly struck by your complaint (letter 2, page [...]

Mashup Monday: Richard the Third Stop – Sin and Juice (Snoop Boot)

Posted on March 28 2011 by dirtyoldman

I honestly do not know where Richard finds the time to produce such ill bootlegs. Taking a cut n paste approach, he reduces and changes samples and rearranges slices in a way that creates a new sound. A good bootleg is both familiar and yet strange, and Sin n Juice does that perfectly! Technorati Tags: [...]

New EP: Richard the Third – Dragonfly Slip + free Dank remix

Posted on March 18 2011 by dirtyoldman

Richard the Third has been a dominant force in South African electronic music, both up north in Gauteng and down south in the Cape. Regular readers will know he has his fingers in many pies and has contributed to and supported the growth of the local scene. His latest solo release is entitled Dragonfly Slip [...]

Red Bull Studio Sessions 2 Launch

Posted on February 10 2011 by dirtyoldman

After a rocking first instalment, the Red Bull Studio’s vaults have once again been opened to the public with the release of The Red Bull Studio Sessions 02 presented by Richard the Third. 2010 was the year the Red Bull Studio in Cape Town got its swagger. Helping produce the internationally acclaimed debut by Spoek [...]

Richard the Third edits the shit out of Fred Ventura

Posted on September 3 2009 by dirtyoldman

Richard the Third has been a busy man of late. What with DJ’ing in the 011 and the 021, making tracks with his brother for Biscope along with his work over at MIO! We’re glad then that when he had a moment to himself, rather than vegging out on the couch watching the latest episode [...]