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The Frown – Dark Arts (Big Space Remix)

Posted on November 8 2012 by dirtyoldman

The Frown get the remix treatment from Big Space, who brings in his own brand of afro-house meets space disco. Sexy time courtesy of soft keys and pads from the nebula next door. If you dig the tune and wanna play it out, why not buy it over at Bandcamp for the price of your [...]

New Artist: Destrukto

Posted on August 9 2012 by dirtyoldman

Destrukto has been active in the local electronic scene since 1990. That’s a pretty effing long time! We finally put up an artist page to detail Destruktos career and link you to all his exploits online! Read all about him over here! He recently started producing alongside Koos Lubbe as MonoDestrukt… Have a listen below… [...]

The Red Bull Studio Live At Oppikoppi 2012 Sweet Thing

Posted on July 28 2012 by Rick Disco

For the last 10 years, Electronic music has clawed its way into the consciousness of South Africans across the country. This flourishing movement has been growing massively with festival pioneers like Oppikoppi affording the art form a space to be showcased and appreciated. This year  Oppikoppi Festival continues its partnership with Cape Town based champion [...]

Music Video: The Frown – Dark Art

Posted on July 16 2012 by dirtyoldman

The video treatment for Dark Art by  The Frown comes courtesty of Colin O’Mara Davis, in the form of a mini-film entitled ‘The Bride of Zion’. Full of shape, colour and visual distortion, the video looks like a the inside of a twisted kaleidoscope. Technorati Tags: The Frown, Dark Art, Music Video, The Bride of [...]

Petite Noir and Card on Spokes remixes of Metallic Kiss by The Frown

Posted on June 21 2012 by dirtyoldman

We have two more remixes of The Frown’s new single Metallic Kiss to share with you. Card on Spokes adds analog warmth to the mix ,with little squelches and bleeps popping up now and then and a little synth solo that pulls it all together. The drum programming gives the track a feeling of urgency [...]

Clash of The Frowns: Women Who Kill, JakobSnake & Big Space remix Metallic Kiss

Posted on June 11 2012 by dirtyoldman

A clash of The Frowns. Both mixes hot as fuck with their own swag. While the one sounds a little more sorded than evil the other strikes back with the hard thrash to make your ears bleed. Women who kill takes a darker tone and leaves an eerie kind of bone chilling guilty pleasure sensation [...]

The Frown – Metallic Kiss (Audiophile 021 Remix)

Posted on June 4 2012 by dirtyoldman

The Frown’s now single, Metallic Kiss, gets the remix treatment courtesty of Audiophile 021, who takes it all the way back down to 110 bpm, delivering a remix that is reminiscent of 90s glitch. The bassline has a bit of funk to it, which contrasts nicely with the soft, whispy vocals. Now if someone can [...]

The Frown – Metallic Kiss

Posted on May 15 2012 by Rick Disco

The new music video/hipster snuff film from The Frown! Filmed by Justin McGee, Styled by Asseblief Vintage and Designed, Animated and Edited by Cool Your Jets. Let us know what you think! ^5!

Music Video: The Frown – The National

Posted on November 29 2011 by dirtyoldman

Technorati Tags: The Frown, The National, Music Video

The Frown – The National (The Remixes)

Posted on November 22 2011 by dirtyoldman

Today we are bringing you six remixes of The National by The Frown. It’s hard to pick a favourite. The remixes are a showcase of the talent that South Africa has to offer, while also reflecting the varied styles that are popular today. From the lo-fi and ambient, to the bass heavy and dancefloor oriented, [...]

The Frown – ä’-men Album Review!

Posted on November 15 2011 by Little Rock

So I heard about this band once upon a time, and far far away my head was at that time. Time. Time, just keeps going, keeps ticking, spinning into twine and then…I heard The Frown. All of these neglected images, feelings and non feelings seem to bubble out of this infinite repeat… of The Frown. [...]