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NEW TRACK: Biscope – Raging Fya

Posted on June 25 2009 by Rick Disco

Got a new track in from the brothers Rumney… Biscope seems to be growing from strength to strength. This new one is called “Raging Fire”… in Richards own words, this is what it’s about: “Cut up funk-soul samples, head-banging hard-as-nails basslines and video game samples sent from the 80’s through a nightmarish time-warp machine.” Let [...]

Red Bull Music Academy London 2010!

Posted on May 28 2009 by Rick Disco

Our long time friend, Richard The Third, kindly sent us all the info you need in order to apply to the academy or simply get a bit more info as to what it’s about. Keep reading to find out more… It’s that time of the year again; time to get your thinking caps, because the [...]

Richard The Third and his Biscope

Posted on March 8 2009 by Rick Disco

We mentioned Richard The Third‘s latest music endeavour a short while ago (here) and now we have more from this project called “Biscope”. Biscope is made up of Richard and his brother who goes by the name of Twelv and they describe the music as “Dub Stepping Urban Beats and Pieces”. Personally I love it… [...]

Pixel Pop and the Tutus @ The Woods (JHB)

Posted on January 25 2009 by Rick Disco

Where: The Woods, 66 Carr Street, Newtown, Johannesburg Cost: Free! Hello… We’re sure by now, people have wished you happy New Year, Christmas, Festive Season, Bat Mitzvah and Ethiopian New Year. So we’ll skip the formalities. In fact, we just wanted to share a thought with you. It’s one we came up with while watching [...]

Richard The Third – Third World From the Sun

Posted on November 27 2008 by dirtyoldman

Long time electrotrash friend Richard the Third has just finished working on his upcoming album Third World From the Sun. The good news is that you will be able to get most of it via MTN Xploaded (not live yet) and you can listen to some of the tracks on his Facebook page. However, as [...]

Pixel Pop @ The Woods (JHB)

Posted on October 16 2008 by Rick Disco

Click for a larger version! Where: The Woods (Old Fuel Cafe), 66 Carr Street, Newtown, JHB Cost: Free! Pixel Pop marks the evolution of Joburg party culture as every Saturday the city’s newest venue is invaded by a small hoard of handpicked dancefloor rockers. From the freshest up and coming DJs to the god fathers [...]

Live Without Fear: Back from Europe Tour @ The Crazy 88 (JHB)

Posted on September 2 2008 by Rick Disco

Where: Crazy 88, William Road, Norwood, JHB Kwani Experience Shadow Club Richard the 3rd DJ Kenzhero Check out the Facebook event here!

CouchPotatoes update

Posted on July 9 2008 by dirtyoldman

If you’re not already a fan of the ‘taters on the “book of faces”, do so know by clicking here. Why you may ask? Well apart from getting updates on the happenings of the band, every now and then you get special deals and promo shit. Like this week. The ‘taters will be playing at [...]

Richard the Third artist page (finally!)

Posted on April 10 2008 by dirtyoldman

After loving his tracks and promoting his gigs since we started back in the ’05 we finally got our shit together and are proud to present a shiny new artist page for Richard the Third! Yay! Clicky! I’ll be putting some of his tracks up on our servers for easy access, but for the moment [...]

Richard The Third feat. Bride Reunion

Posted on April 8 2008 by dirtyoldman

OMFG this track is bangin’! Richard drops off some dirty electro ready to get your guts churning on the dance floor. We <3 dick here @ electrotrash and are superthrilled with his new track!!! Did i just say i love dick? The track features Bride Reunion aka Louise whom you might remember as the voice [...]