Pixel Pop and the Tutus @ The Woods (JHB)

Posted on January 25 2009

Pixel Pop and the Tutus

Where: The Woods, 66 Carr Street, Newtown, Johannesburg
Cost: Free!


We’re sure by now, people have wished you happy New Year, Christmas, Festive Season, Bat Mitzvah and Ethiopian New Year. So we’ll skip the formalities. In fact, we just wanted to share a thought with you. It’s one we came up with while watching Mr Bones II. It went something like this:

What if…. no no WHAT IF, we decided to… you know..
*blush* nooooo I can’t say it

…bring… um… *more blushing*

briiiing *giggles*

d…d… Desmond and the Tutus to the WOODS?!!?

“It’s very much overdue!” we said.
“But what if we have a riot on our hands?!” we contemplated

and then we were like, ahh fuck it, lets do it.

Saturday 31 Jan
The First Pixel Pop of the year.

Sassquatch vs. Mark Latilla

Desmond and the Tutus

Richard the Third


Be there…

Check out the Facebook event for more!


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