CouchPotatoes update

Posted on July 9 2008

If you’re not already a fan of the ‘taters on the “book of faces”, do so know by clicking here. Why you may ask? Well apart from getting updates on the happenings of the band, every now and then you get special deals and promo shit.

Like this week. The ‘taters will be playing at Landmine Rock II this saturday, the 12th of July.  Thing is it’s a secret show, since they aren’t listed on the flyer. What’s more is that as a fan, there was an opportunity to either get R20 or R10 off the cover charge!!!

Plus, our good friend, Richard Rumney has joined the ’taters ranks for the live experience, twiddling knobs and dropping samples, like only he can.

CouchPotatoes will be playing at around 22h30 between No Quarter and Juggernaught. Check out Fire Hammer Music for more info on the event. It’s a charity event with proceeds going to the Communtiy Church of Mozambique Children’s Home. R30 bucks gets you in, bands start at 13h00 and there will be 13 bands performing including Tidal Waves, Black Cat Bone and F*ck. See you kids at the Wolmer Events Arena!

(i know Rock isn’t Electro, but it’s for a good cause plus besides the CouchPotatoes the other bands are good in their own special, rocking way…)

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