Petite Noir and Card on Spokes remixes of Metallic Kiss by The Frown

Posted on June 21 2012

We have two more remixes of The Frown’s new single Metallic Kiss to share with you. Card on Spokes adds analog warmth to the mix ,with little squelches and bleeps popping up now and then and a little synth solo that pulls it all together. The drum programming gives the track a feeling of urgency that contrasts well with the drawn out vocals.

Download: The Frown - Metallic Kiss (Card On Spokes remix)

In the other corner we have Petite Noir with a spooky, spacey remix. Arps and pads set the mood, with a thereminesque lead on the melody and muted drum, triplets on the hats and snare rolls completing the rhythm.

Download: The Frown - Metallic Kiss (Petite Noir Remix)

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