New Biscope Track! (sort of)

Posted on May 14 2009


I’m going to have to speak to Richard the Third because i’m a little confused. Do you pronounce the ‘Bi’ in Biscope like the ‘Bi’ in Biscuit or the ‘Bi’ in Bisexual? Erm… ya. So anyway, this track was unleashed towards the end of April and we’ve been meaning to put it up, but if any of you are in varisty you’ll understand that this is a busy time of the year. But enough with the excuses…

Biscope, in case you didn’t already know, consist of the Rumney Brothers aka Richard the Third and Twelv and in their own words produce¬†”Dub Stepping Urban Beats and Pieces”. This track is a “filthy dubstep bootleg” of Shimmy Shimmy Ya by ODB. Download it in its full 320kbps glory and prepare to get your headnod on… Oh Yeah!

Biscope - Ol Dirty (Shimmy Shimmy Ya Dubstep Remix) (320kbps & 16Mb totally worth it!)

Also visit our Downloads section for another Biscope track as well as a bunch of other tracks!

Always keep it real, and remember I’m watching you!

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