Biscope remix Tonight!

Posted on November 14 2009

Popskarr vs Biscope

So the first remix of Tonight by Popskarr that I’ve come across is this awesome dubstep remake courtesy of the Rumney Bros. aka Biscope. The first 2:16 of the track lull you into a false sense of calmness that is completely destroyed as soon as that dirty bassline comes in (is that a Virus?). If this is the standard of remixes that we can expect I’m def. looking forward to hearing more! Grab it below.

Popskarr - Tonight (Biscope Remix)

Popskarr – Tonight (Biscope Remix) by biscope

Visit Juno to buy their track Down. Go on, do it! It’s cheap and gives the boys some much need synth-money :D

After the jump check out two more Biscope tracks: Fire and their remix of of Ben E. King’s Stand by Me!

True to Biscope form, Fire is a deep and dirty dubsteppin’ track.

Stereotypical Dubstep basslines and beats meet up with cut up rap samples, video game sounds and falsetto funk to make a mixture of dance-floor magic.

Biscope - Fire

Biscope – Fire by biscope

A really cool remix of the classic with a Biscope twist. Niiiice!

An epic remix of the all time feel-good classic that subtly builds from minimal organic textures into a stomping bass driven banger.

Ben E King - Stand By Me (Biscope Boot)

Ben E King – Stand By Me (Biscope Boot) by biscope

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