Red Bull Studio Cape Town: Callan Maart

Posted on May 17 2011

There is not much you need to know about Callan Maart, other than he is the new kid on the block, or more like block-rocking nu-kid. Specializing in grinding basslines, he has managed to perfect the currently mega popular sound of bro-step and drum-step, the gnarly, electrofied mutation of dubstep sweeping the world’s dancefloors.

We invited him to make some music and he not only did this, but also raised the bar for all future producers coming into the Red Bull Studio, by making a snarling, swagfested, piece of epic bass brilliance that would make the likes of Datsik proud, but moreover it in one day! To top it all off he went home and created a faster drum-step remix of the track and gave us the masters the very next day. Both productions were made just for us to push out, so grab these amazing pieces of exclusive Callan Maart music.

Keep a look out for this wunderkid: he has been releasing his tunes on all sorts of labels and we’re pushing him to put together a live show that will certainly be a main-room filler. Listen to and download:
Callan Maart – The Angry Gamer by Red Bull Studio CT

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