Review: Cyberpunkers @ The Capitol Theatre

Posted on May 10 2011

Photo by Abel Scholtz

I am sure many of you are aware the the Italian electro duo, Cyberpunkers graced our shores once again this past weekend. As part of their world tour to promote their latest release, the “Fuck The System E.P.”, which is taking them from France to Australia, it is pretty awesome that they decided to pay us a visit again.

The Capitol Theatre in Pretoria is one hell of a venue… spacious lobbies, grand hallways and enough reverb to keep you all warm and fuzzy on a chilly Autumn evening laying down an excellent platform for some hard hitting electro and dancing the night away. Griet, in association with Havana Club Rum, threw the Gauteng leg of the Cyberpunkers show and could not have picked a better venue. They also packed a killer line-up to support the punkers for the night with the likes of Kennedy, Liver, Double Adapter and Destrukto banging it out on the stage in true local fashion. Griet also brought with them the Young Blood dancefloor showcasing some of their favourite up and coming DJs. It was totally rad to hear the solid mix of old, new and unknown tunes whilst catching a breather from the main floor.

Photo by Abel Scholtz

The main stage provided maximum dance satisfaction from the moment we arrived and we literally danced until our legs gave way during Destrukto’s set right at the end. Double Adapter really brought their A game to the party and got the crowd effing pumped before the Cyberpunkers came out and stole the show. It’s awesome seeing how much better the punkers have gotten since they were last in Pretoria, banging out an incredibly tight set that didn’t let you stop moving from start to finish wacking a perma-smile onto my face. Destrukto brought the evening to a close with some sticky bass and bitching techno sounds that kept us there until we just couldn’t anymore!

A massive hat tip to Griet who organised this phenomenal gig, if you missed it definitely catch some of the highlights in Abel Scholtz’s gallery over here!

Check out more from the Cyberpunkers here whilst not forgetting the awesome local folks that brought it on an international level… Kennedy, Liver, Double Adapter and Destrukto!


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