P.H.Fat get down like animals!

Posted on March 1 2011

P.H.Fat are the latest addition to the Electrotrash family. This Cape Town group of bass hounds is comprised of Narch, Mike and Disco Izrael. Their combination of bass heavy beats with witty and wacky rhymes has the masses bouncing. A passing comparison to Sweat.X is inevitable, although unless your ears are truly uninformed or uninterrested, the differences are not subtle. Check out the new artist page for more info!

Their first full-length album was just launched and we will be bringing you a review in the very near future. In the mean time, check out these two bangers that they boys sent us. Big Five features Fuzzy Slippers and urges us to get down like animals. Will do. A phat (!) and heavy bassline sets the stage for rhymes which share the secrets of the animal world. We love animals indeed.

P.H.Fat - Big Five (feat. Fuzzy Slippers)

Did I say the previous bassline was heavy? Ooops. Dinosaur Blood seems even heavier. Oh well,  squelchy and dirty will work as well. Melodicy synthy arps complete the backdrop. The lyrics are… absurd, out-there or fantastic (in the truest sense of the word!). I only have one question. Who is this Paranormal Ox-Man?

P.H.Fat - Dinosaur Blood

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