Popskarr loves Cassius so…

Posted on October 26 2010

French due Cassius need no introduction and neither do Popskarr, come to think of it. Over the years most of have heard and loved a Cassius track. They’ve released some great tracks over the years, which always seem to have a postive, almost happy-go-lucky vibe to them. On their new EP entitled Rawkers have switched to a more chilled out sound, that is still unmistakeably Cassius

It is not surprising then, that a remix by Cape Town based Popskarr would work so well. Infusing the original with that unmistakeable, sexy Popskarr sound, the remix brings the original to the dancefloor. With an epic build-up that breaks into pure dance-bliss, the boys have managed to retain that positive Cassius vibe. Be it with their own productions or their remixes, it seems Lapse and IAmWaves can do no wrong. Grab the track below!

Edit: download link fixed!

Cassius - I Love You So (Popskarr Remix)

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