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Posted on February 22 2008

Kitsune Maison 5

While this compilation was already released on the 4th of Feb. and has generated a bunch of hype, i still feel the need to write about it just in case YOU haven’t heard it or (worse still) of it yet. I really like the album from the opening track till the end. The remix of Yelle’s ACDG as a bonus track is a nice touch, but buy the vinyl version and the track appears on the track list. Over at big stereo they have a cool little mini-mix to give you a taste of what to expect.

I am talking of course about Kitsuné Maison 5!

Also slightly older news, but Drum ‘n Bass DJ Grooverider has been arrested and sentenced to 4 years in a Dubai jail because they found a spliff in his shirt! Read more here.

After the jump, find out why texas ain’t all bad… (hint: sxsw)
Texas hosts the SXSW (south by south west) music festival. SXSW is special because it supports up coming artists in all genres.
Modular records is sending Cut Copy, The Black Ghosts & The Tough Alliance amongst others.
Awesome Hip Hop label Stones Throw are also represented along with a whole bunch of artists and labels i’ve never even heard of! Check out the complete list of performing artists. Artists with a cassette sxswmp3icon next to their name have downloadable mp3s on the site. If you have the bandwidth you can download torrents with the featured artists songs via!

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