Red Bull Studio Live at Rocking the Daisies 2012

Posted on October 4 2012

For the fourth year running the Red Bull Studio Live Stage at Rocking the Daisies promises to deliver a weekend of some of the best Electronica and Dance Music South Africa and the world has to offer.  This year’s line-up will surely have the maddening crowd’s arms in the air, feet kicking up grass and jaws dropped to the floor. Here’s who to look out for.

Koan Sound are an act that all the Bass-Heads and Gnarly Drumstep lovers will dare not miss. Their quirky and Funk-fuelled take on the Drum ‘n Bass and Dubstep scene make their music and shows larger-than-life, heavier-than-lead and more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

On the flip-side, Agoria’s genre-defying take on Techno promises to treat those keen on late-night, peak-hour, dance floor business. His sound-design driven, Dub and Acid washed sonics have taken him around the world and earned him a prestigious Fabric Mix.
For all those in the mood for some beats and party-rocking nonsense, DJ Yoda will be returning to SA with his truly-unique visual Turntablism and pioneering VJ / DJ sets that made his gigs in South Africa some of the most memorable of last year.

And on the topic of Turntablism, DJing and Electronic and Beat Music in general, this year the Red Bull Studio Live Stage is bowled-over-honoured to be hosting the pioneer and one of the inventors of it all, Grand Master Flash. His set at Rocking the Daisies commemorates some 40 years of Hip-Hop, Dance and Electronica from around the world and we have Red Bull MOBILE to thank for bringing him to our shores.

This year of course sees the Red Bull Studios continuing efforts to present the best local Electronica and Dance to the festival masses. With a line-up that includes the heavy-weight House styling’s of Goldfish, Black Motion and Leighton Moody, the thumping Bass of Pascal & Pearce, Twelv & Thesis and RudeOne, the cutting-edge live Electronica of Christian Tiger School, Card On Spokes and Dank, alongside many more, it’s likely that the job is pretty much done.


13:00    Rebel Clef
14:00    Oltak
15:00    Soulo Starr
16:00    Dank
16:45    Raiko
18:00    Jakobsnake
19:00    Leighton Moody
20:00    Terrence Pearce
21:00    Bruno Morphet
22:00    Black Motion
23:00    Grand Master Flash
00:00    Koan Sound
01:30    Das Kapital
02:30    Pascal & Pearce
03:30    Afterlife
04:30    Close


11:00    DJ Tempo
13:00    Christian Tiger School
14:00    Card on Spokes
15:00    Blotchy
16:00    Nastie Ed
17:00    Kabila
18:00    Floyd Lavine
19:00    Toby2Shoes
20:00    Youngsta
20:30    Yoda
21:30    Rudeone
22:30    Twelv & Thesis
23:30    Toy Toy
01:00    Goldfish
02:00    Agoria
03:30    Space Time Continuum
05:00    Close


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