Review: TNH presents The Internet Troll with Dubsidia (Spain)

Posted on June 4 2012

It all starts with the mysterious you. Standing beside the body of the curious we never seem to touch. Walking close enough for you to know that it is there and yet nothing can prepare you; there is zero you can do about the cherry-strange. So welcome to Tomorrow Never Happened. Bass. Feel. Color.

So here; my crimson cherry-strange adventure-game begins. My day started off filming a Graffiti artist, Jestr. I never expect anything behind the lens. I just go! One bridge, channel, soar, mini-RIVER and through shit I traveled with this gumboot man. Following him with all my gear in lime green gumboots. One step after the other; into a mesh of the old school : HIP-HOP-pot-a-mized Graffiti!

The spray-cans started…click, szzzzzzz, kaka! Only you on this stage, but sound-color-spray. I look at it and think; it can never be duplicated or even understood.  Yet it does make you feel and that is hidden in secret places. Welcome to party of the whreal; a realization! A scenic, pictorial Pretoria’s underground we live above. I never knew of. Party time!

I walk into a zone at Arcade Empire of projected blocks filling my face! A beat so sweet as he always does; it even runs in his blood; Kyle Cancella! His transitions sooo smoothly mastered with the edge of a blade that slashes through space. Then you shake your head and make a primal sound. Aaaaahhhh. Whhhoooo. ..the bass runs through you… slooooow change . Dubsidia (Spain), Das Kapital, Twelv & Thesis and Niskerone are about to jigSAW your delicate body.

Twelv & Thesis; Oh yes a drink; and then the vibration inspires me, drives my head back to the cubed bass wonder-spot, ever changing. That explodes through my limbs. His sounds are individual characters in a film with no script. Exploring the world of possibility; after many trips down the rabbit hole they bring something new, somewhat? Different. Makes booties shake!

The crowd danced with the pattern of cherry glue, the cube and the blocks of brilliant colors became part of you. Mesmerized, my ears, my eyes. Jason Erasmus; the video-cubist hypnotizing, hypnotizing ! Das Kapital going through a play list of different genres, like kinder-garden cup cakes. Without even blinking, its gone and then; he brings his harpPING song…. It’s a fucking jumPING Castle!

Spanish man;

There is more to Spain than I assumed. Knowing assumptions lead to the amused and the possibly fucked. He played like a traveler and the crowd was his back -pack. I like his music; it flows into different cultures so freely. There is this off beat balance in how the bass and the electro speak to one another. A conversation you try to follow, yet the beauty of the moment overwhelms you. Later he just becomes an observer of an unknown crowd, as one, moving to his music. The sound spun like a web around the space; it felt safe. I did not speak. Like walking with spiders; quiet company. But thunder heart!

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