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Review: Richard The Third – Left Of Center

Posted on August 28 2012 by Little Rock

Afro-Dust Press ► I find myself traveling on a gravel road, bouncing up and down on the synthetic leopard-fur-covered seat. This neon taxi traveling through the unknown lines of a town-ship tale. Surrounded by the scenery of the ever so catchy kwaito beast chasing the sexiness of my seat. Head pop, hip swirl, this bounce [...]

Review: TNH presents The Internet Troll with Dubsidia (Spain)

Posted on June 4 2012 by Little Rock

It all starts with the mysterious you. Standing beside the body of the curious we never seem to touch. Walking close enough for you to know that it is there and yet nothing can prepare you; there is zero you can do about the cherry-strange. So welcome to Tomorrow Never Happened. Bass. Feel. Color. So [...]

The Frown – ä’-men Album Review!

Posted on November 15 2011 by Little Rock

So I heard about this band once upon a time, and far far away my head was at that time. Time. Time, just keeps going, keeps ticking, spinning into twine and then…I heard The Frown. All of these neglected images, feelings and non feelings seem to bubble out of this infinite repeat… of The Frown. [...]