Bon Jovi Friday Mix: Jed Rabid

Posted on April 13 2012

Listen to this mix by Cape Town based Bass producer Jed Rabid and let us know what you think. Who is Jed Rabid?

The FBI is currently investigating Jed Rabid for subliminal messages and as a society threatening cult.

Jed Rabid’s music can be described as dark and moody with beautiful melodic content and attention to detail. His music is a freestyle mixture of different beat and bass genres, and has a “journey” quality to it.

It was through experimenting with mind altering substances that Jed found his love for electronic music. After going out to clubs and then coming home, Jed would be too wired to sleep and would spend the rest of the morning in front of his computer experimenting and playing with sounds.

40 minute mix with 23 of my tracks from 2011.

0:00 basik
1:50 revengenator
3:20 chapter ending
4:10 tie me down
6:20 assistant from the gods
7:40 stalker
9:00 inner jah
11:45 creep
13:30 silky
15:50 tasteless
17:00 wild at heart
19:45 misonceptions
21:15 midnight
23:30 death cola
25:00 plug in
26:45 serotonin
28:40 rumble in the jungle
30:00 kopy
31:50 hearts dissonance (melodik remix)
33:40 242am (featuring devstep)
35:20 takes drugs
36:45 noisy radical
38:10 inner jah (callan maart remix)

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