Audiophile remixes the Glitch Mob, 187 Lockdown & Timbaland!?

Posted on April 18 2011

Not all producers can remix, luckily this does not apply to Audiophile 021. He sent through a number of top notch remixes that show his versatility across genres and his talents at reinterpreting music.

His remix of Gunman by 187 Lockdown takes the speed garage track down a few notches in terms of tempo and kicks it into a more gentle dubstep groove with future garage touches. The remix is the equivalent to giving a kid with ADHD a joint and a  bassline synthesizer.

187 Lockdown - Gunman (Audiophile 021 Capped Remix)

Adding more glitch to Drive it like you stole it, the first single off the debut album of Los Angeles based trio Glitch Mob, seems impossible but Audiophile pulls it off, without destroying the track in the process. Big drums and stutters set the tone here and it simply works.

The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It (Audiophile 021 Remix)

The remix of Morning After Dark sees Audiophile 021 adding filth and removing Timbaland (and that annoying Auto-Tune). Perfection! This is a remix in the truest sense of the word. It retains elements of the original, while at the same time has its own feel and originality.

Timbaland Ft. So Shy - Morning After Dark (Audiophile 021 Dubstep Redux)

Enjoyed the above? Why not check out some of his other remixes on SoundCloud?

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