Bon Jovi Friday: JakobSnake – DrphtR Mix

Posted on March 25 2011

A Bon Jovi Friday on a Friday!?! What gives? The short answer, technical problems. This laptop is ancient. Anyway, moving on to the mix!

JakobSnake, one half of bteam, sent us this mix which simply oozes class. Well slease at times, but mostly class… In just under 45 minutes he explores a palette of (minimal) techno and acid house through tracks which almost necessitate a quality listening setup. So get out your quality cans, crank up the tube headphone amp and enjoy the ride. I could go on an on about this mix, telling you that it is on repeat on my stereo and in my car, but I think this mix speak for itself. Grab below and tell us what you think in the comments. Enjoy the weekend!

JakobSnake - DrphtR mix (~97.5 MB @ 320kbps)

Dop – No More Daddy (Ame Remix)
Marc Houle – Selection
Das Glow & Strip Steve – Calcium
Tony Planet – Azidwar
Adam Proll – Fetch My Blades
Soft Touch Operation – Only Girl
Heartz4 – Intimacy Girl (Someone Else Remix)
Caribou – Kalli (Walls Remix)
Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs – Waulking Song (Lone Remix)

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