New Artist: Audiophile 021!!!

Posted on March 16 2011

Audiophile 021 is one of the artists that should have been on Electrotrash a long time ago, but … Better late than never as they say! As the name implies Audiophile021 hails from the bass-loving city that is Cape Town. This talented producer is constantly pushing out new, glitchy and dirty beats, one wonders if he ever actually sleeps. For more info and links to his social media check out his artist page here!

8-bit synthesis is beautiful. When you layer an 8-bit arp over deep bass, with a slight wobble, sprinkle some triplets on the hats with a shattering snare and a pounding kick to finish things of and you get a track that ticks all the boxes.

Audiophile 021 - Interlude Dub No. 2

The dreamy delayed keys in the intro in no way prepare you for the bass that Informer shoves right in your face. Heavy and with a slight drone, the bass does not overpower the drums and the crisp snare hits come through like an arrow.

Audiophile 021 - Informer

Quarter Mile is the title track of his latest EP  which you can buy from Juno. Dark and minimal, the bass drum scrubs and wobbles, while the snare is sharp with the faintest reverb, much like a heavy ball bearing bouncing one on a steel plate. Slightly hidden below the surface, the deep bass bounces thanks to some tight side-chain action.

Quarter Mile by Audiophile021

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