Video Treatment: Fulka – “Dancing In Our Darkest Days”

Posted on November 15 2010

first image i found on google image seach for dancing in our darkest days... i swear

Fulka, this one not this one, has been a regular feature here, since the release of Misunderstood. We loved the full length album The Mystery of the Seven Stars. It is with great excitement that we heard about the release of the release of a brand new music video  for the track Dancing In our Darkest Days and by Louis Minnaar no less. That’s one busy guy.

Filters create a retro/vintage feel that lends itself well to the track. The video captures the spirit of the track beautifully. Opening to a scene of over the top breakfast preparation by Mrs. Kobak it moves to a scene of her band, waking in up and deciding to skip breakfast in favour of an old fashioned sing-a-long… The song really does feel like waking up on a warm summers day without a care in the world.

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