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Posted on November 11 2010

You could perhaps be forgiven for missing the first release, Ware Verhaal, by Pretoria based bittereinder, but unless you’re one of the last remaining people without a facebook profile (you’re not an aspiring youth politician are you?) you must have stumbled across the video for A Tale of Three Cities, their second release which made the rounds online the past few weeks.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Bittereinder is a trio of talented producers, lyricists and visualists(?) that hail from Pretoria and have been succesfully creating their own sights and sounds for years before joining forces. Check out their brand new artists page for a full bio.

The second single is, as the name implies, a tale of three cities. Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town to be exact. Ajax delievers the first verse, which actually made me a little homesick for the old 012… Next the lyrical skills of Tumi Molekane poetically paint a lyrical picture of the City of Gold. Finally, Jack Parow reminds me why I moved down to Cape Town. The production is relaxed and reflective. Uplifting and thoughtful. The video, simple but effective.

Their first single got its video treatment courtesy of Louis Minnaar. You may remember the cool video he did for Yesterday’s Pupil a while back. It has an almost TV Show intro theme feel to it. The song sounds whimsical which contrasts well with the deeper lyrics, layered as they are across a playful melody.

Both singles come off their new album ‘n Ware Verhaal (a true story) which is available in all good music stores nation wide as well as online at for a mere 77 rond! Get it!

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