Before Die Antwoord there was…

Posted on April 8 2010

well, a whole lot actually. While I could go through the whole list and talk about how as part of Max Normal he changed not only South African Hip Hop, but music in general by showing us that music that sounds South African need not necessarily be crap. I could also go on about how his other successive projects including his solo stuff was slightly less awesome than Max Normal or that the launch of Max (the first Waddy project to feature Yolandi Visser) was probably sign of things to come. But I’m not, mainly because it’s probably all been blogged already in more detail and using wittier language.

Instead I’m going to post the first Waddy track that most people living in South Africa in the mid 90′s heard.  The track is Puff the Magik and was released in 1995 and reached a sort of cult status on Campus Radio stations. The track itself has nothing in common with the 1975 folk song by Peter, Paul and Mary, except that the one blatantly deals with getting high, while the other was rumored to, but actually deals with loss of innocence. Grab it below and let us know which Waddy project you liked to the most…

The Original Evergreen - Puff The Magik (Radio Edit)

P.S.: Hey Waddy, if you want me to take this track down, email me.

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