Boom Monk Ben @ Fiction (CPT)

Posted on April 6 2009

Boom Monk Ben

Where: Fiction, 226 Long Street, Cape Town
Cost: R40

He is back once again to show us how it’s done.

To those who witnessed – We’ll be seeing you on the dancefloor.

To those who missed it – Here is another chance. Grab it with both hands.

Boom Monk Ben – NINJA TUNE SOLID STEEL RESIDENT – Live @ Fiction.

It’s the return of the BOOM!!!!!!

Don’t believe the hype? Here are some testimonials from people in the know who saw it all go down the first time round:

‘benny brings the boom . . . an eclectic lucky packet of exclusive beatz from around the world mixed up like a machine. . . nuff bass for your face!’

- Fletcher (African Dope)

‘one of the most smooth flowing, eclectic, dance your ass off till you sweat sets I’ve heard in years. Boom Monk Ben is the epitome of dynamite in a small red haired package’

- Funafuji (STEP UP)

‘boom monk ben was definately the best DJ that i’ve seen in this country. Mixess so tight and seemless that you think you’re listening to a pre-made set on the PC! … and the tracks.. phew!.. insanity.. the freshest stuff on offer! you would be silly not to see this- a real glimpse into Europe, and from what i heard and saw- i wish that i was european!’

- Liver (Dank Liver)

So there you have it. A night not to be missed.

Supporting acts Fletcher, Mix n Blend and fellow Glasgow local Astroboy round out the line up.

Check out the Facebook event here!


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