White Denim @ The Hamptons (JHB)

Posted on February 1 2009

White Denim

Where: Sublime/Skandal/Miami/The Hamptons/Call It Want You Want, 130 11th St. Benmore, Sandton, Johannesburg
Cost: R40

The sound of White Denim is a super-mutation of the sonic waves that have been washing over Joburg’s club scene since the days of the Secret till The End is Nigh:

Electric Disco sent from the past in a time capsule through the cosmos,
Rock n Roll made with drum machines and synthesizers,
Spastic Techno to send you into spasms,
Side-chained basslines
and of course, the genre whose name we so love to throw around;
born in the 80’s,
awkward teenage years in the 90’s,
dancefloor kingpin of the present.

-The King of Town
Fresh off the signing of his remix of Desmond and the Tutu’s “Kiss You on the Cheek” to Tigersushi, the King will be delivering an Italo inspired mutant disco set of cosmic proportions.

- Richard the Third
The Third will be bringing his musical gadgets and gizmos to the booth so as to bang out a live set of his own electro-rock tracks off his debut album, “Third World From the Sun” alongside rib-shaking, ed-banging remixes.

- Fuck Face
Back from the dead, one of the original Petting Zoo electro-disco-punk nutters, Fuck Face, will be taking the dance-floor past the witching hour into the wee hours of the morning until he’s played his last track and everyone’s yelling for just one more song.

White Denim. Black Disco. Grey Area.

Check out the Facebook event for more!


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