Sovereign Academy Graduation @ Capitol Theater (PTA)

Posted on July 7 2008

Sovereign Graduation

You are hereby invited to the Graduation party for the prestigious Sovereign Academy on the 19th of July 2008 at The Capitol Theater

Since it’s first gathering of a mere 100 disruptive students on the 17th of December 2005, Sovereign has grown from a faculty of 3 DJs, to been at the center of a massive community of bands, DJs and multi-medium dancefloor rockers that are changing the face of South African party culture. As such we feel now, almost 3 years down the line, The Academy has taught all it can. The scene that’s burgeoned in this time is something far greater than we could ever have hoped for and at the graduation party we celebrate this entire scene. However, for the nights entertainment, we’ve stripped the lineup down to it’s core, with epic sets from the Faculty’s heads of department.

20:30 Young Smuts
21:30 Data Takashi – Swing HOD
23:00 Kidofdoom – Space HOD
00:00 Sassquatch – Spazz HOD
01:00 King of Town – Secrect HOD
02:00 Academy All Stars

Graduates will be expected to dress to fit in with any themes from past Sovereign’s: The Letter “P”, Japan, 8 Bit, Night of the Spazzing Dead, ect. Those that arrive in inappropriate attire will be asked R50 to gain entry, but those that dress accordingly will pay a reduced tuition fee of R40.

Our long time partners in counter-cultural education, Canned Applause & Ke Ai, will be providing all manner of awards to the nights most unruly students.

We look forward to ripping the floor apart with you one last time.

Sovereign Academy

Directions to Capitol Theater from Jozi – map to be uploaded soon:

1. Take the N1 North to PTA
2.about 2 and a halk KM after Lynwood turnoff take the N4 turnoff into city center
3. The N4 becomes Pretorius St
4. 8km after turning onto the N4/ Pretoius, turn right onto Parliment
5. It’s Super easy!

Facebook event is here!

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