Radio Deconstruction, electrotrash lovin'

Posted on July 7 2008

Google image search gave me this nifty picture of “Deconstruction” off of

Radio Deconstruction was kind enough to invite me to come and hang at the 1485AM Radio Today studios this past Saturday. Eight o’clock in the AM is pretty darn early to  be trekking through the Keith Kirstens garden centre in Rosebank but we did it anyways. The lovable DJ Destrukto provided some refreshments and jumped straight into 2 hours of radio show that was good fun at that early hour.

I spoke some shit, he played some tracks off of the electrotrash catalogue as well as some rad electro, old favourites as well as new. So tune your good ‘ol AM radio to 1485AM Radio Today Rockfest or hit up DSTV Channel 169 Audio Bouquet tonight (Monday) from 11pm to 1am and hear the fun and then do it every Monday night from now on, ’cause it’s great. The shows are also available for download off the shows blog.

Check out for all the info.

Thanks to Greg and the Deconstruction boys.

Rick Disco, over and out! ^5!

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