Unit.r – Phosphenes

Posted on April 12 2008


For those of you who missed the launches, shame on you! The rest of us had a blast, dancing and singing like spazzoids, so blegh. Unit.r put out an awesome live show as usual and the new songs came over just as well as old favourites.

The album is 45mins of synth sexiness. Opening the album is their first single Daft, which is a deceptively upbeat synth-pop ode to unhappy love reminiscent of Postal Service (only better). Favourites like So Long and It’s all about are also on there. The best song in my opinion isn’t listed on the album can be heard by fast forwarding the last track to around 6:25 (the album is nowhere close to at the time of writing -ed.) and is called The Rooftop according to Destrukto. Watching them perform it is also pretty awesome, since the vocoder vocals are courtesy of Justin and him jamming with his microphone/headphone combo headset is pretty cool. Am I the only one that wants more Vocoders in electronic music? Bring back the ‘coder…

So we wanted to post up a track or two from the album to give you guys a taste, but Unit.r’s management said NO downloads, only streaming and feature Daft. Which is odd, ’cause if you click here, you can download the mp3 from unit-r.com… So I won’t upload The Rooftop for your listening pleasure, but instead offer you Daft in streaming format. That means you’re gonna have to buy the album, but don’t worry, it’s fuckin’ great from start to finish and worth every cent. So do it, buy Phosphenes!

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Stream Unit.r – Daft (if you don’t see the player above get the latest version of flash here, or try to not use Internet Explorer, try firefox instead)

unit.r on myspace

Check the video to Clap after the jump

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