In Ghost Colours

Posted on March 24 2008


I hope everyone had a fun & safe long weekend. Safe, because the roads are always crazy this time of year…

So after much anticipation Cut Copy have finally released their new album over the weekend. I really enjoyed listening to In Ghost Colours thus far. Those of you who downloaded the free mix tape and mp3 should know what to expect but will be pleasantly surprised nonetheless. Yay! It’s hard to pick a favourite after only listening to it for one day. Cut Copy have made another great album that should win them a host of new fans, without disappointing the old ones.

It appears to be out of stock at the moment over at Modular Store, but if you just can’t wait follow this link to the iTunes download.

From the Modular Store :

In Ghost Colours traverses genres effortlessly, from already-anthem Hearts On Fire’s epic sax-house to the noisy blissout of So Haunted. For Cut Copy the record was an exercise in drawing parallels between favourites old and new and trying to find a meeting point in between – from the vocodered robo-pop of French house to prog¹s soaring harmonies to the texture of shoegaze, In Ghost Colours lands at some sort of trans-galaxial intersection between these disparate planets.

The progression from Bright Like Neon Love to In Ghost Colours is brazenly apparent from opening track Feel The Love, an acoustic guitar led stomp of a space rock tune, instantly unforgettable and with recognizable Cut Copy glow. Where Bright Like Neon Love was charmingly vague and hazy, In Ghost Colours is directly to the point and efficient in it¹s songcraft, with vocals much more apparent and Whitford’s imprint all over every track. The record is sewn together with passages of woozy dreamscapes between the straight up jams.

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