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Discotheque @ The Assembly (CPT)

Posted on June 25 2009 by Rick Disco

Where: The Assembly, 61 Harrington Street, Cape Town, South Africa Line Up: Birdlife Richard The Third HAEZER ► Entrance around the corner Mash // Electro // Krunk Rock // Grime // Remix // Curse // IDM // Slide // 4×4 // Swank // Poke // Lollypop // Break // bastard pop // Discogore // Hump [...]

Flick The Switch @ Back2Basix (JHB)

Posted on June 8 2009 by Rick Disco

Where: Back2Basix Cost: Before 5pm: Robots R10, Humans R20… After 5pm: Robots R25, Humans R50 Be a cog in the machine that will be Joburg’s first taste of robot revolution! 101101 Starting at 3 PM, Back 2 Basix will become a home to all cyborgs, mechs and robo-rockers! 001011 Expect the city’s finest indiediscobeeppopcore DJs [...]

HAEZER puts some boom into kidofdoom!

Posted on June 8 2009 by Rick Disco

HAEZER is probably my favourite local act at the moment which is why I’m so excited to catch him up in Gauteng live next week! To get you just as excited as I am, here is a bumper post full of HAEZER goodies! First off is a remix he did of a pretty boring kidofdoom [...]

HAEZER @ Mystic Boer (Stellenbosch)

Posted on May 14 2009 by Rick Disco

Where: Mystic Boer, 3 Victoria Street, Stellenbosch Come check out HAEZER! It will be awesome! Facebook event here!

Music Video: Haezer – Destroy the Dancefloor

Posted on April 24 2009 by dirtyoldman

Destroy the Dancefloor: Ok so i’m a bit behind when it comes to this video. Our good friend Haezer put it up 3 months ago! The song from the video, along with a few other of his tracks, is available in our downloads section, so grab it if you dig it and you don’t have [...]

Yesterday's Pupil gets remixed by HAEZER!

Posted on April 13 2009 by Rick Disco

So the first Yesterday’s Pupil remix is out and who better to do it than electrotrash regular HAEZER? The remix is of the track “You’ll Poly Die” off of the album “Errors of Enthusiasm” and is a banging retake sure to get you doing the ‘ol bump ‘n grind! Grab the track below! See more [...]

Dirty… Smutty… HAEZER!

Posted on April 2 2009 by Rick Disco

HAEZER sent us a deliciously dirty electro track for you all to enjoy! Grab it below… let us know what you think!

T.I.T.E.S. SMUT PARTY @ Mojo Obz (CPT)

Posted on March 17 2009 by Rick Disco

Click for a larger version! Where: Mojo Obz…off Lower Main road next to Barmooda, Cape Town Cost: Fee entry before 10pm, R30 thereafter. T.I.T.E.S. (This is that electro shit) SMUT PARTY. DJ’s HAEZER, Codec, The Sound and Battle Beyond the Stars(Phil Kramer) putting you in the mood for the sexy time. Dress smut or die [...]

Yesterday's Pupil and HAEZER @ The Mystic Boer (Stellenbosch)

Posted on March 9 2009 by Rick Disco

Where: The Mystic Boer, Stellenbosch Yesterday’s Pupil as well as HAEZER! Awesome! More on Yesterday’s Pupil here. More on HAEZER here. Check out the Facebook event fomr more details! [ad#et-page]

T.I.T.E.S. 02 Preview!

Posted on February 22 2009 by Rick Disco

If you are in Cape Town this coming weekend, you are in luck! T.I.T.E.S. is happening at The Assembly on Friday 27 February… Featuring a killer electro line-up its a party not to be missed! Read more about the event here! Grab a free track below to get you in the mood!

T.I.T.E.S. 02 @ The Assembly (CPT)

Posted on February 22 2009 by Rick Disco

Where: The Assembly, 61 Harrington Street, Cape Town HARD DIRTY SWEATY DANCEY ELECTRO ELECTRO ELECTRO STEAMPUNK DJS the sound codec battle beyond the stars(phil kramer) dj lapse birdlife dj’s haezer alex Check out for more! [ad#et-page] Click for a larger version!

And The Winner Is…

Posted on February 1 2009 by Rick Disco

Photo by Chris Saunders MTKIDU! One hundred and fifty one of you  have cast your vote in our “Who are your Top 5 electrotrash artists?” poll. The Top Five are as follows: Mtkidu Richard The Third DJ Lapse GaZo Jacob Israel Congratulations to you folks! It was awesome to see that a lot of the [...]

Destroy The Dancefloor!

Posted on January 14 2009 by Rick Disco

So HAEZER dropped off a few new tracks in my inbox for you all! I love this guy, I love his music, I just love. Grab the tracks below or head on down to our Downloads section for more goodies! If you are in Cape Town this Friday… Head on down to The Assembly and [...]

Daydream Nation 8 @ The Assembly (CPT)

Posted on January 13 2009 by Rick Disco

Click for a larger version! Where: The Assembly, Harrington Street, Cape Town Cost: Free before 10pm, R30 thereafter Haezer, Orlando Doom and Hipless Couples! Oh yeah! Check out Baseline Studio for more! Or the Facebook event! [ad#et-page]