Bruno Pronsato at CT Train Lodge

Posted on November 8 2012

If you missed this party, you missed out! Bruno Pronsato graced our shores with his presence this past weekend playing a show in Jozi and CPT, bring with him is laptop and his own brand of techno/tech-house. Make Believe secured the CT Train Lodge as the venue for the Cape Town leg of the party, an amazing venue nestled on an old train platform between two converted carriages that house the ablution facilities. A fitting venue for a producer whose trademark driving techno imparts a feeling of locomotion. Playing his set through Ableton Live and launching clips live, with just the trackpad on his Macbook rather than a controller made for a set that was full of improvisation and extended build-ups. A party is good when the international headliner sticks around after his set, but if he decides to play another mini 30 minute set after the closing DJ then you really know… It’s been a while since I got that giddy feeling at house/techno party but Make-Believe really delievered. Their next event, The Make-Believe Train on Saturday the 24th of November, features a Metrorail train has been chartered (exclusive use to event guests only) to whisk away 300 party-goers, bound for The Glencairn Hotel.
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