A Hollow In The Land – A Call To Arms

Posted on June 19 2012

A Hollow In The Land

Jacob Israel and his wife Ola (from Fulka) have been busy with a collaborative project called A Hollow In The Land.

Together, they create cimmerian and misty ballads with an ever-calming presence raptured with strong blasts of gritty noise drones.

We used instruments such as “prepared” banjo, we attached some foil underneath the strings on the snaredrum of the banjo. It was alot of fun to experiment and explore different ways of manipulating sound. Granular Syhthesis and multi – miking instruments as well as a Prophet 08 were our main subject. We sidechained the kicks. Drones were created by slowing down samples.

A Hollow In The Land will be performing their first set on 1st July 2012 with an 18 piece string ensemble from The South National Youth Orchestra Foundation sponsored by Sasol. Free entrance, limited seating (first come first serve). The set will be in quadraphonic sound and the sound is sponsored by SEGMA.

This debut release is the first single off of a self-titled EP that is due to be released this Winter.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Download: A Hollow In The Land - A Call To Arms


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