Red Bull Studio Cape Town: Petite Noir

Posted on May 30 2012

Yannick Ilunga AKA IAMWAVES is one of the brightest rising stars emerging out of the new wave of innovative and interesting Cape Town electronic music artists. Although young, he is no stranger to the stage and recording booth, being one half of the Synth-Pop/Rock outfit Popskarr alongside Terrence Pearce for the past few years.

His new solo project Petite Noir is a bit of a departure for Yannick. As well as producing all the music himself, via live instrumentation and electronics, his often ghostly and self-therapeutic lyrics are as personal as they are beautiful and strong. His sense of musicianship is beyond its years, and the striking originality of his creativity is evident in all he does. Something that always amazes me is the strength of Yannicks vision on the Petite Noir work. From the melodies and messages he pushes out, all the way through to the visual aesthetic.

Alongside his production, his DJ mixes are also garnering international recognition from the likes of OkayAfrica, Questlove from The Roots and Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, and his online presence is growing greatly.

Petite Noir is a rich tapestry of American Rock influence and African shuffles. At times cold and driving, at others – warm, intricate and cinematic. His exclusive track for Red Bull Studios is a great reference for his sound and progression as a musician.

Download: Petite Noir - Disappear

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