Posted on April 25 2012

LIVEEVIL is a new initiative by Music Without Borders aimed at showcasing live production by local producers. 30 rond get’s you in. Expect a night filled with some of the best live electronic¬† music this side of the equator. Too broke to go, but still wanna check it out? Simply write a lil 4 line rap and post it to facebook with the event tagged in your post.

Ok true believers we have a gift package to give away to you!!
All you have to do is come up with a 4 line rap about why you should get the prize and tag the event in the rap and then you
could win….. A 2BOP cap, a Card On Spokes album and guestlist for you and one party buddy for LIVEEVIL – Music Without Borders launch party….get rapping!

Set in a post apocalyptic future where technomancers and guns for hire travel the wastes from one outcropping of civilization to next to ply their true trade as dancefloor ministers to the music starved inhabitants.

LIVEEVIL is a event for producers to perform live their own original music and showcase it to you.

These are your guides through the dinosaur and mutant infested badlands-




JOIN US-!/musicwithoutbor

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