Card On Spokes – In You Go

Posted on November 3 2011

Card On Spokes just released the title track of his new EP In You Go for download as a little promotion for the launch on the 12th of November. The launch will be held at an undisclosed location, the name of which will be emailed to you after purchasing the tickets. I was just thinking people should start throwing secret warehouse parties again and then this! Click here for all the details. When I asked JakobSnake what he thought about the new  EP In You Go he simply said: “Remember when Max Normal first came out and you were excited about South African music? That’s what this is like!”. Yes, it’s that good. While you wait for the release (and our upcoming review), take a listen to the title track. In You Go is Cape Bass at its best. The bassline is deep but punchy and flows smoothly, with the melody being played on a slightly distorted synth lead. Touches of glitch and subtle percussion give the basic kick-snare beat variety that keeps it interesting. Get it now!

Card On Spokes - In You Go

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