Bon Jovi Friday: DJ Danger Ingozi – Bloodflow Mixtape

Posted on August 25 2011

It’s a Bon Jovi Friday! Hurrah! This week we feature the sweet taste of DJ Danger Ingozi aka Data Takashi, a staple of the scene in Jozi. His gevaar guise allows him to experiment with more progressive sounds without  alienating fans of his “traditional sound”. This mixtape features tracks which won’t neccessarily feature in his sets, although his opening slot at the Jozi leg of Gaslamp Killer’s tour may have a similar vibe. Filled with deep bass and beats that range from big to broken, this mix is the perfect way to get into the weekend. Just shy of 45 mins or 1 side of a tape, this really is a mixtape. You can tell some thought (and love) went into it. All that’s missing are a few tape pops and warps.

Download: DJ Danger Ingozi - Bloodflow Mixtape

DJ DANGER INGOZI – Blood Flow Mixtape Tracklisting:

BULLION – Long Promised
MONOLITHIUM – Simon & G-Funk
BATHS – Lovely Bloodflow
SLUGABED – Moonbeam Rider
BIBIO – Chancylvania
ORIOL – Spiral
ROBAG WRUHME – Der Bierholer
SBTRKT – Hold On
UNTOLD – Stop What You’re Doing (JAMES BLAKE remix)
KEVIN McPHEE – Get In With You
JAMES BLAKE – Buzzard & Kestral
MOUNT KIMBIE – Brave’s Chords
JOHN HUGHES – Bird Of Ill Omen
MANE MANE – Just Called To

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