New Liver original and remix: Doubtless and Astroid Boys – Welcome to the Zoo (preview)!

Posted on April 20 2011

(c) Doubtless Bay Wine Company

Doubtless is full of Liver swagga. The drums have a funky swing in their step and the bass is filthy. The lead synth is edgy thanks to some well placed bit-crushing and at times moves into Voodoo People territory. Makes me wanna climb in my mech and stomp on some fools!

Liver - Doubtless

Cardiff based Astroid Boys! comissioned a remix of their track Welcometo the Zoo. It is grimey, filthy and and whatever else my online thesaures spits out for dirty. The production is tight on this one, with strings and organs filling out the backend and massive drums shattering my windows.
Astroid Boys – Welcome To The Zoo (Liver remix) by theLiver

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