New Artist: Jam Jarr!!!

Posted on February 4 2011

Jam Jarr hail from the African Dope stables, a power house in South African electronic music. Consisting of Soundproof on beats and bass and Bakaman on the mic, this Cape Town based duo, deliver deep bass, breaksy beats and flowing rhymes. For more info check out their artist page here!

Neck Low is a grinding dubstep track featuring raw rhymes and phat, wobbly bass. Dirty than Mike Rowe at a pig farm, Neck Low will have you dipping & grinding from the first beat and trying to keep up with the rhymes being spat at you at a vicious pace. The track comes off the Fat Fruit EP available from African Dope here.

A most ferocious take on the Dupstep genre by those Glitch fanatics Jam Jarr. It’s got raps delivered at break-neck speeds, and bass that is hand-delivered to your face. This one is not for the faint-hearted.

Jam Jarr - Neck Low

Jam Jarr – Neck Low by Jam Jarr

Taken from Honey Beats Vol. 1, Phat Cat Wet is an uptempo, electro-hop track which just screams Party Time! Bakamans witty rhymes lead the way here, while the beats and bass should tempt even the most reserved to bounce on the dancefloor.  Honey Beats Vol.1 is a free download available to members of the African Dope Records mailing list. Sign up here to get access!

Jam Jarr - Phat Cat Wet

Jam Jarr – Phat Cat Wet by Jam Jarr

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