Popskarr and Johnny Neon do it All Night…

Posted on January 6 2011

Summer is here in the Southern Hemisphere and on a hot day a cool bit of electro-pop is always welcome. Enter the boys from Popskarr and Johnny Neon. Together they have produced a track which tells the tale of an endless night or rather, the illusion of one.

The track is starts soft and dreamy and breaks into a feel good chorus of happy arps and disco claps. Laser pads and snappy four on the flour beats complete the spectrum. IAmWaves and Johnnys voices layer and combine like a chocolate and vanilla soft-serve. Just one kiss…

Popskarr feat. Johnny Neon - All Night

On a side note, Lapse is one year older today (Happy Birthday Dude!). Wish him Happy Birthday tomorrow @ Future Disco!

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Popskarr, Johnny Neon, All Night
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