Cutout Collective gets the Jacob Israel touch

Posted on September 29 2009

Jacob Israel

So Jozi based Alternative/Electro band Cutout Collective gave their track ‘Bloodlines’ to electronic alchemist Jacob Israel. True to form he took the track, mangled it up and spat out something amazing, both glitchy and melodic. Head over to their Facebook page to hear a couple other Cutout Collective tracks.

Cutout Collective - Bloodlines (Jacob Israel Mix)

Jacob Israel is set to release his new album soon & we will be bringing you a review as soon as it hits! In the mean time check out these two tracks from his first two albums, both of which you can download for free over at

This next track comes from his first album ‘My Paper Nautilus’. It is a surreal-dream like track which transports you to another place (Narnia perhaps?) Get the album here.

Jacob Israel - Her Narnain Horse Analogy

Finally, from his second album ‘Birthright’ and also featured on the Moxyland soundtrack comes this gritty banger. It features dirty synths and great drum programming (as is the norm with Jacob Israel tracks). Grab the album here.

Jacob Israel - Pretty Things

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